MAN hybrid power plants

Combine the best of renewables with the best of diesel power

Wind power, hydroelectricity and solar power are attractive sources of renewable energy – they are free, widely available and don’t produce greenhouse gases.

However, all renewable energy sources rely entirely on one thing to behave: the weather. Hydro-generators need rain to fill up dams to supply flowing water. Wind turbines need wind to turn the blades. Solar collectors need clear skies and sunshine to collect heat and make electricity. As these basic conditions often vary in availability, energy production varies with them.

The answer: A hybrid solution from MAN

An obvious answer is to combine the best of the renewable energy technologies with the reliability of diesel-powered energy production. Such systems are known as Renewable-Diesel-Hybrid systems. Hybrid power plants, e.g. PV-Diesel-Hybrid plants, offer the advantages of renewable energy sources and diesel engines and represent a uniquely reliable and cost-effective plant solution.

Continuous power and quick response

By combining renewable energy sources with highly efficient gas or diesel engines for a quick response to load fluctuations, hybrid power plants ensure a continuous power output while reducing fuel costs and keeping C02 emissions down.

You can rely on a hybrid power plant round the clock, irrespective of the wind direction or availability of sunlight.

A wide variety of fuels

To maximize your operating flexibility and independency there is also an option of running the engines on a wide range of fuels like oil based derivates, gaseous fuels, liquid bio fuels or complete dual-fuel systems.

Your direct benefits

  • Quick response to load fluctuations
  • The best of two worlds: Renewables and diesel
  • Full operating flexibility
  • Lowest possible life cycle costs
  • Low environmental footprint

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